WWE 2k17 Wishlist

WWE 2k17 Wishlist: If you have played WWE 2k16, you might have had a very good time. It is the best wrestling 2k game there is.

WWE 2k17 Wishlist

WWE 2k17 Wishlist

WWE 2k17 should be amazing as most of the bugs in previous versions are almost already addressed. 2k16 was better than 2k15 and 2k15 was better than 2k14, so we can assume that 2k17 would probably exceed all the expectations we’ve been hoping for.

However, there are tons of new features that we want in the big upcoming 2k game, WWE 2k17. Let’s see some of them.

  1. Include everyone in Rooster

Some of us get bummed because our favorite wrestlers are excluded from the game. It would be amazing if all the players including NXT be added in the final rooster for the game.

  1. Very own Moves

There should be players with only specific moves. For example, Kane or other huge players are unlikely to do a drop from the ring and some short player is unlikely to do a Tombstone Piledriver. This will make the game more realistic.

  1. Real life gameplay

It would be wonders for the game if it could include real-life gameplays. What we mean by this is, fighting in the crowds or chasing escaping players or active AI involvement by ganging up on one player.

  1. Create an entrance

It was in 2005 version of the game. However, 2k removed it when they took over the game. Everyone would love to create their own entrance.

  1. Improve create a finisher

While creating a finisher, we should be able to control how much power is included and how long will it last for. Creating a finisher without any real effect would be useless. This needs to be fixed.

  1. Speak by typing

We are quite some years behind for this feature be included in gaming. However, when it is released we would like to see it in WWE games.

  1. Commentary

Sit in the commentary as a guest and commentate by choosing options. This will help to make allies or enemies.

  1. Optional Mutual Respect/Disrespect

This feature should be optional as the game looks unreal life when two players interact differently in game and out of game.

  1. Create a storyline

We should be able to create a storyline for our own superstar. The players should be able to change features and profile of our superstar whenever we want.

  1. Crowd Interaction

The crowd interactions should be made more realistic than in previous games. This is amazing the current version but there still are many flaws.

  1. Wagers

Online wagers match between pros for money or experience should be included. It will do wonders for the online gaming community

What more features do you want in WWE 2k17? Comment Below

  • ‫אדר וקנין‬‎

    myGM mode

  • Danielle Rennifer

    Career Mode on XBOX 360 & PS 3 similar to WWE 2k15 on next gen consoles and mobile version.

  • 0484

    For the DLC Packages:

    1.Attires with different Entrances Package:

    Stings (Blader Runner Flash, Surfer Stinger, Crow Sting, Wolfpack Sting & Current Sting)

    Kevin Nash ( Diesel, NWO attire, Wolfpack Attire & Outsiders attire)

    DDP (WCW Attire & WWE Attire)

    Lex Luger ( Power Alliance,WCW Attires & Wolfpack Attire,)

    Scott Hall ( Razor Ramon Attire, NWO Attire, Wolfpack Attire & Outsiders Attire)

    Stone Cold (Stunning Steve Austin, Superstar Steve Austin, Ringmaster & Stone Cold’s attires)

    Macho Man Randy Savage (Mega Powers Attire, NWO Attire, Wolfpack Attire, Team Madness Attire )

    The Rock (Rocky Maivia Attire, NOD Attire, Corporation The Rock, Hollywood The Rock.)

    HHH (Jean-Paul Lévesque Attire, Hunter Hearst Helmsley Attire, DX Attire, Evolution Attire & Authority Attire)

    HBK (The Rockers Attire, DX Attire & NWO Attire)

    Kane (http://www.wwe.com/superstars/kane/t…s#fid-26207619)

    Undertaker (http://prowrestling.wikia.com/wiki/P…The_Undertaker)

    Big Show (The Giant Attire, Paul Wright, Big Show with hair & Big Show bald without facial hair.)

    Vince McMahon Jr. (Bald Attire)

    Ultimate Warrior (Blade Runners Rock Attire)

    Stevie Ray (Harlem Heat Attire & NWO Attire)

    Booker T (Harlem Heat Attire, WWE Debut Attire, NWO Attire & King Booker)

    X-Pac (1-2-3 Kid Attire, Syxx Attire, DX Attire, NWO Attire & X-Factor Attire)

    Scott Steiner (WWE 1992-1994, NWO Attire & Big Popa Pump Steiner, )

    Rick Steiner (WWE 1992-1994 & The Dog-Faced Gremlin with the Leather Jacket.)

    Hulk Hogan ( Red & Tights Hulkster, Hollywood Hogan & Mr. America.)

    Edge (Attitude Era Attire)

    Christian (Attitude Era Attire)

    2. WWE 2K17 Showcase package

    3. Moves Package.

    4. MyPlayer KickStart (PS4™ system and Xbox One Exclusive)

    5. Accelerator

    6. The Eras Pack:

    Golden Era Arenas

    New Generation Era Arenas

    Attitude Era Arenas

    Ruthless Aggression Era Arenas

    PG Era Arenas

    WCW Arenas & TV Championship and Trio Tag team championship.

    ECW Arenas & FTW Championship.

  • dipesh

    More wrestlers in the ring, 6 is pathetic we are in 4 gen of consoles now

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  • 0484

    1) AJ Styles

    2) Bray Wyatt

    3) Dean Ambrose

    4) John Cena

    5) Randy Orton

    6) Roman Reigns

    7) Rusev

    8) Seth Rollins

    9) Sting

    10) Undertaker

    11) Adam Rose

    12) Alberto Del Rio

    13) Alex Riley

    14) Big E

    15) Big Show

    16) Bo Dallas

    17) Booker T

    18) Braun Strowman

    19) Cesaro

    20) Chris Jericho

    21) Curtis Axel

    22) Damien Sandow

    23) Daniel Bryan

    24) Darren Young

    25) David Otunga

    26) Diego

    27) Dolph Zigger

    28) The Rock

    29) Erick Rowan

    30) Fandango

    31) Fernando

    32) Goldust

    33) Heath Slater

    34) Jack Swagger

    35) Jey Uso

    36) Jimmy Uso

    37) Kalisto

    38) Kane

    39) Kevin Owens

    40) Wade Barrett

    41) Kofi Kingston

    42) Konnor

    43) Luke Harper

    44) Neville

    45) R-Truth

    46) Ryback

    47) Sheamus

    48) Sin Cara

    49) Stardust

    50) The Miz

    51) Titus O’Neil

    52) Triple H

    53) Tyler Breez

    54) Tyson Kidd

    55) Viktor

    56) Xavier Woods

    57) Zack Ryder

    58) Aiden English

    59) Angelo Dawkins

    60) Apollo Crews

    61) Baron Corbin

    62) Blake

    63) Chad Gable

    64) Collin Cassady

    65) Corey Graves

    66) Dash Wilder

    67) Elias Samson

    68) Enzo Amore

    69) Finn Balor

    70) Hideo Itami

    71) Jason Jordan

    72) Mojo Rawley

    73) Murphy

    74) Sami Zayn

    75) Samoa Joe

    76) Swayer Fulton

    77) Scott Dawson

    78) Simon Gotch

    79) Tye Dillinger


    1) Nikki Bella

    2) Paige

    3) Sasha Banks

    4) Stephanie McMahon

    5) Alicia Fox

    6) Becky Lynch

    7) Brie Bella

    8) Cameron

    9) Charlotte

    10) Eden

    11) Emma

    12) Lilian Garcia

    13) Naomi

    14) Natalya

    15) Rosa Mendes

    16) Summer Rae

    17) Tamina

    18) Alexa Bliss

    19) Asuka

    20) Bayley

    21) Billie Kay

    22) Carmella

    23) Dana Brooke

    24) Dasha Fuentes

    25) Eva Marie

    26) Jojo

    27) Nia Jax

    28) Peyton Royce

    WCW Superstars:

    1) Sting

    2) Scott Hall

    3) Kevin Nash

    4) Goldberg

    5) Saturn

    6) Kidman

    7) Rey Mysterio Jr.

    8) Ultimo Dragon

    9) Psychosis

    10) Juventud Guerrera

    11) Dean Malenko

    12) Stevie Ray

    13) Booker T

    14) DDP

    15) Raven

    16) Wrath

    17) Brian Adams

    18) Rick Steiner

    19) Scott Steiner

    20) Scott Norton

    21) Buff Bagwell

    22) Lex Luger

    23) The Giant (Big Show)

    24) Mean Mark (Undertaker)

    25) Damon Striker (Edge)

    26) Brian Armstrong (Roaddogg)

    27) Bruiser Mastino (Kane)

    28) Vinnie Vegas

    29) Robby V (RVD)

    30) Terra Ryzin (HHH)

    31) Stunning Steve Austin

    32) Eddie Guerrero

    33) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

    34) Konnan

    35) Curt Henning

    36) Great Muta

    37) Alex Wright

    38) Disco Inferno

    39) Diamond Studd

    40) Mortis

    41) Magnum T.A.

    42) Chris Jericho

    ECW Superstars:

    1) Rhyno

    2) Bubba Ray Dudley

    3) Devon Dudley

    4) Spike Dudley

    5) Sandman

    6) Al Snow

    7) Blue Meanie

    8) Tommy Dreamer

    9) Stevie Richards

    10) Rocco Rock

    11) Johnny Grunge

    12) Sabu

    13) RVD

    14) Tazz


    1) Yokozuna

    2) Umaga

    3) Giant Gonzales

    4) King Kong Bundy

    5) Great Khali

    6) Rikishi

    7) Viscera

    8) Big Daddy V

    9) Mabel

    10) Typhoon

    11) Tugboat

    12) Gangrel

    13) Vel Venis

    14) Dusty Rhodes

    15) Bob Orton Jr.

    16) Ringmaster

    17) Razor Ramon

    18) Diesel

    19) Paul Wight

    20) One Man Gang

    21) Big Bossman

    22) Iron Sheik

    23) Sheik

    24) Ted DiBiase Sr.

    25) Cody Rhodes

    26) Lance Cade

    27) Trevor Murdoch

    28) Chris Masters

    29) Matt Morgan

    30) Test

    31) Bret Hart

    32) Jim Neidhart

    33) JTG

    34) Shad Gaspard

    35) MVP

    36) Mr. Kennedy

    37) Kurt Angle

    38) Jeff Hardy

    39) Matt Hardy

    40) Lita

    41) Trish Stratus

    42) Randy Savage

    43) Ultimate Warrior

    44) Mankind

    45) Dude Love

    46) Cactus Jack

    47) Terry Funk

    48) Chainsaw Charlie

    49) Adam Bomb

    50) Crush

    51) Ax

    52) Smash

    53) Hurricane

    54) X-Pac

    55) 1-2-3 Kid

  • 0484

    The features I want in the game:

    WCW Arenas:

    Classic WCW Monday Night Nitro

    WCW Monday Night Nitro with the WCW logo as the Entrance.

    WCW metal door entrance

    WCW Thunder

    Choose your Commentary:

    1) Matt Striker, Josh Mathews & Michael Cole

    2) Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone

    3) Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

    4) Larry Zbyszko and Brian Brain Heenan.

    5) Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

    6) Gorilla Monsoon and Brian Brain Heenan.

    7) Matt Striker and Tony Dawson

    Choose which Referee’s outfit:

    1. ECW

    2. Blue Smackdown shirt.

    3. Black & White Stripe

    4. White shirt with black trim shirt

    5. blue buttoned Long sleeves shirt with bowtie or blue buttoned Short sleeves shirt with bowtie .

  • 0484



    The Rock



    Dangerous Dancing











    The Dancer

    Ballroom Master

    Dancing Master

    Dingo Warrior




    The Franchise

    First Names:



















    Surnames aka (Last Names)




































    Van Dam

    Von Erich















  • TheUpliftingGuy

    how about online lobby so we can see whos playing and don’t have to wait for people to join and sometimes we had to waste time and wait for like 10 or 15 mins, that’s what WWE 2K16 did, and please eliminate online training which was really annoying.

  • Hayden Thompson

    I really want WWE 2K17 to build on the possibilities of creation. With modern technology, ps4 size gaming, the possibilities are endless.
    I get that there may be copyright issues for online play but being able to upload custom themes, creating custom tron videos taken fron highlights of your created wrestler etc… plus more custom capabilities in the look of your wrestler, rather than simply recolouring things that current wrestlers already wear, that would make this the GOAT wrestling game.

    The roster size and creativity in modes is great, but I want to have a really authentic experience for CAW modes rather than recreating history – that is what the WWE Network is for.

    If 2k games tapped into the unlimited possibilities even a little, I would buy that game!!

  • Johnny Jackson

    Features in the game:

    Create a comeback mode

    Create a Tag Team Finisher

  • illmaticmalone80

    triple threat tag team matches
    Battle Royal
    instead of 3 different type of extreme rules

  • Edward Scottie Hughes

    More match types
    Dog collar matches would be awesome and
    Some Japanese death matches would be really fun
    More blood and violence

  • Justin Cheo-Mbonifor

    two diffrent voice types in MyCareer
    -voice for afro-american wrestler
    -voice for white wrestler

  • Justin Cheo-Mbonifor

    create YOUR OWN Superstar:
    – create the OWN entrance
    – use ur OWN music as entrance music
    – create ur OWN entrance video
    – create ur OWN finisher

  • Dmoney202

    Their needs to be a choice between the new controller system and the old system for gamers!!!

  • Phelan

    I personally would like to be able to import MP3 files for custom music for all CAW’s and Superstars.

  • Dmitry Alekseichenko

    It would be great if all roster were divided into groups by WWE eras (current roster, Golden Age, New Generation Era, Attitude Era…) it will be easier to find a wrestler (or gimmick) that you want.

  • Dmitry Alekseichenko

    Hall of Famers:
    1. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
    2. Bob Backlund
    3. Junkyard Dog
    4 Jerry “The King” Lawler
    5. The Million Dollar Man
    6. Razor Ramon
    7. The Godfather
    8. Eddie Guerrero
    9. Mankind (Classic Attire 1996)

    WWE Alumni:
    Old School:
    1. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
    2. Tugboat
    3. Tatanka
    4. Crush
    5. Doink the Clown
    6. Irwin R. Schyster
    7. Papa Shango
    8. Kamala
    9. The Undertaker (Classic Attire 1992)

    Attitude Era:
    1. The Hardy Boyz
    2. The Dudley Boyz
    3. The Acolytes Protection Agency
    4. Gangrel (The Brood)
    5. Road Dogg (New Age Outlaws)
    6. Kurt Angle
    7. Tazz
    8. Steve Blackman
    9. Mick Foley (All Gimmicks)

    1. CM Punk
    2. Rob Van Dam
    3. Rey Mysterio
    4. Goldberg
    5. Boogeyman

    ECW Alumni:
    1. The Sandman
    2. Sabu
    3. Tommy Dreamer
    4. Scott Steiner
    5. Сhainsaw Сharlie

  • Aryan Rawat

    I think that the creativity with finisher should be improved. For example rko on the steel steps , chair ladder etc without glitch. It should be the part of finishers and should be official

  • Philipp

    I spent much time to create my own wrestlers/divas.
    We need a tool to import our wrestlers/divas from 2k16 to 2k17!
    It is stupid to create them all new!

  • Philipp

    I spent much time to create my own wrestlers/divas.
    We need a tool to import our wrestlers/divas from 2k16 to 2k17!It is stupid to create them all new!

  • elliscraddock

    New superstars:

    1. Authors of Pain

    2. Shaqulle O’Neal


    1. Hornswoggle(playable character)

    2. Roadkill(ECW)

    3. Curt Hawkins

    4. Ezekiel Jackson

    5. Valdimir Kozlov

    6. Mike Knox

    7. Jonathan Coachman(playable character)

    8. Eric Bischoff(playable character)

    9. Three Minutes Warning(Jamal & Rosey)

    10. Gregory Helms/Hurricane

    11. Viscera

    12. Umaga

    13. Bobby Lashley

    14. Finaly

    15. Steve Corino(ECW)

    16. Marcus Cor Von

    17. Zach Gowen

    18. Insane Clown Posse(Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J)

    19. Bad News Brown

    20. Bil Demott(playable character)

    21. Saviour Bald Eagle(playable character)

    22. Gillberg aka Imposter Goldberg

    23. Vickie Guerrero(playable character)

    24. Chris Benoit

    25. Sandman

    26. King Mabel

    27. Big Daddy V

    28. Matt Striker(playable character)

    29. Jerry “The King” Lawler(playable character)

    30. Jim Ross(playable character)

    31. Paul Heyman(playable character)

    32. El Local aka Richardo Rodriguez

    33. Elijah Burke

  • Brian Hooper

    king mabel vs king kong Bundy vs Yokozuna vs Bam Bam Bigelow for a true battle of the bulge and throw in Earthquake and Typhoon for a giggle.

  • Deadman

    I would like to see custom music (ps4) back and more past divas in the game, even if they were dlc. Also more past superstars vs 2 or 3 versions of various ones. That’s wasted space in my opinion that a whole new character/wrestler could be in.

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