WWE 2k17 Trailer: First Look at the game

2k Sport have begun release of WWE 2k17 as the game is available for pre-order. A new trailer was released by WWE 2k revealing Goldberg as the featured star of the game.

WWE 2k17 Trailer

Scroll below for WWE 2k17 Trailer

A few weeks earlier a series of tweets with #Hatch began circling Twitter which anticipated a legend returning. And, it turns out, Goldberg is the main man behind the hashtag.

Watch WWE 2k17 Trailer Below

The superstar went numb after Wrestle Mania XX, some 12 years ago but the formal world champions is finally making a comeback. Are you excited to play WWE 2k17 Game as Goldberg?

What do you think of this WWE 2k17 Trailer? Comment

  • Sephiroth399

    That’s not a first look at the game, its a shitty trailer.

  • KGSG JLigerbomb

    I excited if eddie Guerrero in but no way out attire in too

  • pduffy4

    This is not a look at the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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