WWE 2k17 Roster: Top Superstars who deserve upgraded ratings


There are tons of fans who do not agree with roster ratings of WWE 2k17. There are a few who believe that players are over rated but there are also some who want more stats to their favorite superstars.

WWe 2k17 Roster

WWe 2k17 Roster

Here are a few of top WWE superstars who deserve a higher ratings than 2k16 in WWE 2k17 roster. They deserve these upgraded as they have shown significant change since the last game was released.


Kalisto’s 83 rating in WWE 2k16 is unacceptable. The mask man has proved himself as one of the most acrobatic and dangerous after being moved up to the main rooster from NXT.

He along with his tag team partner Sin Cara has been successful throughout the year. He has beaten The Miz, Alberto del Rio for the US champ title, Neville. Therefore, we want his ratings to be upgraded to at least 86.

Sami Zayn

The Baby Face kid has been on top ever since he returned from NXT. He has had incredible matches against Samoa Joe. Kevin Owens and many others. After making his full roster debut in WWE, Zyan has proved himself worth of at least 88 in WWE 2k17.

His match against John Cena was furious. Although he lost the game, he showed everyone what he is capable of doing.

Xavier Woods

Woods is a part of The New Day and has proven out to be one of the important member of the group. His insane mic skills always tends to energize the fans before the match even begins. He sure deserves an upgraded ratings from 83 to more at WWE 2k17 rooster release.

He gets pinned a lot but his overall performance like we saw against John Cena in his title reign. His WWE 2k17 rating should be 86 at least.

Baron Corbin

Baron has a much underrated rating of just 81. This shows that he is less strong than Adam Rose and The Ascension. He at least deserves a rating of 83 in WWE 2k17 rating.

He has improved a lot since being upgraded from NXT. He beat Apollo Crews, Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn. He should definitely have a higher than 81 rating.

WWE 2k17 OFFICIAL Roster Revealed 

Who else do you think deserves an upgraded rating in WWE 2k17?


  • dipesh

    i wonder if roman reigns will be the highest rated in the game to reflect his spot in the company like cena is

  • Christopher Smith

    Ummmm…just change their rating then if you’re not happy with it.

  • charles

    i look at it this way cena is the face of the wwe still and his ratings should be at 97 and same with roman reigns should also be at 97 but other then that i dont have a problem with them what so ever

  • Kevin Miller

    The Miz needs an upgrade. He’s been IC champ for over 100 days and he’s next to Kevin Owens is the hottest heel on Raw. His overall in 2K16 was an 84. I think maybe a 87 or 88 would be better.

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