WWE 2k17 Roster: Superstars making their debut in the game

We bring you the WWE Superstars who are set to make their WWE 2k game debut with WWE 2k17. Almost everyone in this list are going to be in the WWE 2k17 roster.

WWE 2k17 Roster

Roman Reigns has already made it into the WWE 2k17 Roster

Braun Strowman

This member of The Wyatt Family may not be the best in the ring but it looks like he will be included in WWE 2k17. After making his debut in RAW by attacking Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns last August, he was not included in the WWE 2k16 as the scans were already done by then.

The giant is learning his ways around the industry and he might be not so great to watch but his set of muscles could be helpful in tag or royal rumble matches.

AJ Styles

Styles took the WWE Universe by surprise and became one of the fastest progressing superstar in the industry. He has already made a lot of fans as well as enemies after securing a chance at WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns. He lost the game though.

Nevertheless, he is experienced despite being new at WWE. He has played in TNA and New Japan Championships and has proved his talent everywhere. He sure deserves to be in WWE 2k17 Roster.

Shinsuke Nakamura

We all know him from his awesome NXT debut in TakOver. He brutally attacked and destroyed the high flying Sami Zyan. He is on his way to be included in the 2k WWE game as he seems to make a huge impact on the whole roster. He could also make it permanent into the roster should he show his current dynamics for another year.

Austin Aries

Again an amazing performance and a win in Dallas’ Take Over. Aries beat Baron Corbin in the showcase held in Dallas to become ‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ at least for a few moments. He is set to take the WWE Universe with a storm as it seems that he is WWE next new thing.

He was just signed by WWE in time to be scanned by the game developers.

American Alpha

This tag team of Superstar(s), the AA, are just the biggest there is. Some may say that the team of Cass and Enzo are the biggest in 2016 but beg to differ.

These two are more advanced than the other team as they are more play less act. They are really good wrestlers and has a certain charisma to their game. They were missed by 2k16 scanners but we hope to see them this time around.


One word- Unstoppable. Can you name anyone in the current NXT divas who can beat her? She is the only unbeaten NXT Rookie today. She has a real chance at the WWE championships when she moves to the WWE but for now we could see her in the NXT roster in WWE 2k17. Should she didn’t’ make a cut into the franchise, we can expect to see her in the WWE 2k18.

The Four Horsewomen

We have covered them already, haven’t we? But, let go one more time.

The women in this group hold the future for WWE Divas; if they are together, they could dominated the diva world and if they split up, it could create drama, more so than today. Good for business for WWE either way. Therefore, we can expect them to be included in WWE 2k17 ladies list.

Recently departed Chyna is also included in WWE 2k17 Roster. Read Here

Mauro Ranallo

Yes, we know what you are going to ask…why he is in this list. He’s not a WWE Superstar!! But, we believe he is and should be in WWE 2k17.

Ranallo not only calls out different matches but the sports announcer also makes awesome references to the past in cunning and funny way. He should announce every WWE sub-franchise and sooner that happens the better it is. It would be amazing to listen to his ‘OHHHHHH MYYY’ in WWE 2k17.

WWE 2k17 OFFICIAL Roster Revealed 

Who else do you want to see in WWE 2k17 Roster? Comment


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  • Ashley Lancaster

    I think the realistic debuts for 2k17 will be ..
    Braun Strowman
    AJ Styles
    Apollo Crews
    Becky Lynch
    Sasha Banks
    Jason Jordan
    Chad Gable
    Lana (playable)

    Also a return of
    Alberto Del Rio
    Bubba Ray Dudley
    D Von Dudley

    Maybe DLC for the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

    • ScottyPNR

      Dude Lana isn’t even a wrestler. She’s a fake ass gimmick russian from Florida. We don’t need Del Taco Rio either.

      • KGSG JLigerbomb

        Lol fake russian meh

    • 0484

      Stunning Steve Austin, Superstar Steve Austin, RVD, Rhyno, Sandman, Sabu, Tommy Dream, Tazz, Short hair DDP, Long Hair DDP, Hulkster, Hollywood Hogan, Razor Roman, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Diesel, X-Pac, Syxx, Steiner Brothers, Harlem Heat, Kidman,, Gilberg, Perry Saturn, Psychosis, Juventud Guererra, Ultimo Dragon, Dean Malenko, The Wrath, Adam Bomb, Bryan Clark, Rey Mysterio Jr., WCW Eddie Guerrero, WWE Eddie Guerrero, Papa Shango, Godfather, Umaga, Boogeyman, The Giant, Paul Wight, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and

      Jean-Paul Lévesque.

      If they have all of those guys. I’ll be happy fan!!

  • Jaye Stahr

    I would like to see more options in the creation suite like more clothing options for both divas and superstars more hair and makeup options as well as face painting would be nice as well. I would also like to see custom soundtracks for our characters and the ability to transfer created characters from tk16.

    • Zach

      Ok let’s get real Matt and Jeff Hardy will not be in 17 while they are under contract with TNA they both resigned with TNA and some other wrestlers your listing is under contracts with Lucha Underground and Global Force and New Japan and ROH so Chris Benoit murdered his family and hung himself so he most defiantly will NOT be in the game Owen Hart may be a possibility since they released a DVD on him so let’s get a bit real and think about what you type yeah I wish to have the best technical sound wrestler Benoit but will never happen Vince is known to hold a grudge he made decision to bury Benoit since the incident he won’t change his mind about it so good luck guys you’ll need it

  • Jonathan Nichols

    Jeff Hardy And Matt Hardy


    Owen Hart , Kurt angle ,Nexus and APA.

  • Jarod

    Jeff Hardy Matt hardy Lita edge Christian Trish stratus Kelly Kelly Beth phoenix Luke gallows and Karl Anderson Sasha banks Charlotte Apollo crews Becky lynch Bayley Dana Brooke Rick flair Bret hart stone cold AND THE SHIELD WWE SHOWCASE

  • Jarod

    Jeff Hardy showcase

  • Jarod

    Bobby roode Eric young Samoa Joe Becky lynch Charlotte Apollo crews Jeff Hardy Matt hardy Lita Trish stratus Stacy Keibler Lashley Umaga rikishi batista randy Orton Scott steiner sandman rhino dudley boy’s MVP Mr Kennedy edge Christian Billy Gunn rodd Dogg Shawn Micheals Candace Michelle Michelle McCool Beth phoenix Kelly Kelly MICKIE JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tyler battles

    WWE 2K17 needs not also to have Eddie Guerrero in the game, but have different versions of him, i would like to see the latino heat version, the Chavo and Eddie version, the WWE champion version, and the 2005 heel version. that would just make this game life because lets be honest who doesn’t love Eddie Guerrero?! it would be even better if they got his entrances and body type right as well, 2k hasnt dont what its capable of with him his body doesnt resemble his at all and his entrance definitely is below par. when has eddie ever drove sideways on a stage? NEVER hes always either been down by the stage driving in or driving down the middle of the entrance ramp. and last i checked during his latino heat gimmick he never even drove a lowrider during his entrance 2K. Please Please Please if you have that version in the game please fix that error and give him his correct entrance. its thousands of hours of footage that you can look at to see his entrances and his overall appearance. and if you put the 2005 heel version in, please use the heel song he used at the time and use his correct entrance too. BRING BACK THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME EDDIE GUERRERO WWE 2K NEEDS HIM!!!!!

  • Rob

    WWE 2k17 needs to have Eddie Guerrero 2005 heel version as well as him & chavo, also Kurt Angle with & without hair, Rhino, Scott Steiner(2003), Umaga, Test, RVD, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Carlito, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury and Melina in it

    • Nyga07

      nothing but love for the guy who brings Shane Douglas into the convo, always my first CAW download, and leader of my anti 4 horsemen group (Tully,Arn,Ric,Barry)..

    • Andrew

      What do you mean heel version? iirc, he wore the same attire/hair and had the same moveset as when he was face a year before…what’s the difference in your eyes? (genuine question, not trying to troll)

  • Jeremy Hilliker

    legion of doom, demolition, hacksaw jim duggan, tatanka, papa shango, psycho sid, ted dibassee, irs, greg the hammer valentine, the british bulldogs, yokozuna, mabel/viscera, val venis, the apa, the new age outlaws, dx, nwo, bob backlund, have the nxt stars and divas as downloads i never use them id rather see the orignal grey and black reaper undertaker with paul bearer then a nxt star. have the old school heart break kid with sesational sherri, ric flair, kamala, king kong bundy in the game i love the 90s legends and stars. add them .. if no one good makes it i wont buy it last yrs game sucked balls

  • Jusseth Jr Mitre

    I want to see once again stardust in the video game and also want to use the new fighter nxt ” Andrade Hundred Souls ” A King Barret and also to use and aserle fist bull and put all the new fighters in the game of wwe 2k17 and old

    • ScottyPNR

      They don’t need that shit gimmick King Barrett. he won a fake KotR and they shoved it down our thorats for 5 months before he quit from the League of rejects.

  • ScottyPNR

    They need to improve so much shit. more weapons not less.. weapons wheel in HIAC. weapons dont disappear outside the cell. crowd fighting. interference revamped with almost no limits. choose where you want to come from the ramp the crowd as a guess commentator. Undertaker black out. have some kind of shadowing where only you can see and do what you please.

    papa shango would be awesome. special ref on all matches possible. No BS ref replacement if you’re unbias, Avoid Royal Rumble elimination go through middle ropes get weapons for that too. Make EC match the way it very very was…. good.

    Don’t have so many repeat moves with different names. Razors edge is the same shit as high cross and there is 4 of them in the game you only need one Razors Edge. limb targeting bring back the moves where you slam the leg on the ring post.

    we should need to do a OMG move to go through the announce table.

    Make the tables stay up and not collaspe when you run into it barely. 3-4 tables per match they are involved. as well as the ladder. I want to F-U someone through 4 double stacked tables and then recover and get my WWF title.

    Even if they replace the Spartan Pennies don’t put them in the game. They are awful. They make the butterfly title decent before they changed it.

  • Roy

    daniel bryan, aj lee, chris beniot

    • ミシェル

      Chris Benoit you mean,but wtf are you talking about,hes a murderer. wth you want 2k put him on the game,damn man use your brain

  • Patrick

    (P)sycho SID !!!!!

  • Brian U Yeo

    please add apollo crews, i would like to see him on game

  • knockout The Dark Assassin

    I hope to see rhyno sid sabu tajiri the dudly boys the nasty boys the four horseman umga blue meanie finly Tommy dreamer sandman Mr Anderson rvd Eddie MVP Kurt angle Paul London Adam bomb Apollo crews nia jax Jerry king lawyer Bobby lastly the spirit squad apa tj black bad news brown the boogeyman new age outlaw Mr perfect bill demott ezckel Jackson today sting Alex Riley test tazz curt Hawkins Tyler reks yoshi tatsu if y’all could cm punk Rey mysterio john Morrison papa shango the Hardy boys raven jazz Perry Saturn Billy kidman Big daddy v Bob backlund Bob orton Jr chief Jay strongbow edge hacksaw Jim duggan junkyard dog keven Nash the godfather the funks the wild samoans the road warriors the iron sheik

  • knockout The Dark Assassin

    and iron sheik

  • Chuckaholics

    I love your idea about Asuka being a major player in the divas revolution or whatever they want to term it, but I do and wish they would add Sid was a big Sycho Sid fan as well as Demolition but WWE doesn’t want to do business with those guys much Bobby Roode and sooner or later JAmes storm so i can have TNA invasion storyline.

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