WWE 2k17 Gameplay: Top WWE 2k16 features we want to see in 2k17

The domination of 2k16 gave almost everything that was left back in 2k15.

Release of 2k16 had different features. Hall of Fame was one of them which gave a huge attraction to gamers as they got the chance to turn back the clock to witness something extraordinary.

WWE 2k17 Gameplay

WWE 2k17 Gameplay Features

Some wishes were there, some features were peculiarly left behind in 2k15 that we couldn’t see would return in 2k17. We are in a hope that the glories that the game received this year would be same the next year.

Let’s see how the developers come up with cause it seems they can’t reach the expectation of all the gamers out there. Here are things that we are hoping to see in 2k17

Free Dlc packs

When we have already paid the money to buy the game why do they make us pay more money to buy those cards? People would be keep on playing the game if they could get those cards is more amount by completing certain tasks.

Compelling commentary

The interaction between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler was very little. Taking this thing in hand the interaction can be made livelier.

The commentary was good but not as expected as it was revealed that the commentary was recorded in December 2014. The same voice is being used till now.

It’s hard to master everything but some improvement can be made on the delivery of the subject matter though the commentary pre recorded.

Backstage roaming

Remember when you could bring the fight anywhere in the arena? How great was that back in SmackDown just bring your opponent out of the right take them literally anyplace inside the arena and fight with them.

If that was possible till now there would be endless mode heading to 2017

If this thing was allowed it may occupy more space but the game would be a lot more exciting and fun to play.

Create a currency to spend on Dlc packs

Taking inspiration from EA’s FIFA series, playing game and winning games give you coins, Football shirts, Boots and different locked features.

So how about when you win a match or discover new area, moves while playing a game you get the same features? It may lose a ton of money but it will crave and attract many players to play the game.

All the NXT rooster

Right now 40 of the rooster are missing from the game. It may be too much to ask but the game would be kind of complete and give the fans what they want.

WWE 2k15 also featured a mode for the nxt rooster, which the last game series missed.

The gamers would love to see the remaining rooster in 2k17

Submission system

New submission system in 2k16 may or may not be liked by all.

It takes more that few tries to get use to that.

What about those of us who simply can’t get hang to it? They surely need to have a choice to revert the old button smashing option!

However the amount of work done to make and design the new mode, you can surely say that 2k wont be looking back at the old one.

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What else do you want to see in WWE 2k17? Comment Below

  • Christopher Smith

    I don’t want a rooster..they’re too noisy and crap all over the place.

  • Dillon Lewis

    bring back road to wrestlemania

  • Grim Pony

    Give us the option to pick the commentary and the woman to introduce the superstars, also if the superstar or team are wearing gold around their waists have the woman that introduces the team or superstar say he/she is or they are when addressing the champion or champions on Raw or Smackdown not just on PPV’s

  • Dado Cenation

    Gm mode

  • Johnny Jackson

    Create a Tag Team Finisher

    Create a Comeback

  • Antonio Clark

    Bring back gm mode

  • Chris Burt

    I think they should bring back the blast from the past,where your created person is in story mode, being a nobody and you have certain task to do matches,given choices and work your way to the top..

  • Chris Burt

    I also think that they should be a prospect mode..where it’s a story mode where you create a player,u just came out of independent,go to nxt boot camp,to NXT superstar,if you make it in there and do well enough u get drafted into smackdown then into raw and work your way to the top…. think that would be awesome…

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