WWE 2k17 Divas: New Divas to be revealed in WWE 2k17 Roster

The official roster of WWE 2k17 is still not revealed by 2k Sports but there has been some predictions that suggests many that are sure to be included. Check them out.

Back in 2015, when 2k16 roster was released in September, many fans were furious about the Divas not being included in the game. A lot of hype was created by fans demanding the Four Horsewomen with members Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

WWE 2k17 Divas

Who do you want to see in WWE 2k17 Divas

This installment of WWE 2k Game will included these divas as the development team have already apologized for not adding them in the previous game. The Four Horsewomen might not be the only divas that are going to come in this year.

WWE 2k17 Full Roster Prediction

We believe that new NXT recruits like Asuka might make their way to the main rooster that will be released in a few months.

Which new WWE Diva do you want to see in WWE 2k17? Comment Below

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  • Ashley Lancaster

    I think a realistic female roster for 2k17 taking into account that the entire male main roster and top NXT names as well as legends and storyline additions being included would be..
    Main roster playable women
    1. Natalya
    2. Alicia Fox
    3. Tamina
    4. Naomi
    5. Brie Bella
    6. Nikki Bella
    7. Summer Rae
    8. Eva Marie
    9. Emma
    10. Lana
    11. Paige
    12. Becky Lynch
    13. Charlotte
    14. Sasha Banks
    15. Stephanie McMahon
    16. Bayley
    17. Asuka
    18. Lita
    19. Trish Stratus
    20. Alundra Blayze

    This takes the female roster to 20 which is the largest to date.

    Note: I removed Cameron because she has not been on the main roster throughout the entire time frame this game would be based upon and has been a afterthought in NXT also so I think she will be removed this year.
    I also did not include Rosa Mendes as she also has not been a in ring performer in a long time and not even a manager anymore, Rosa is a afterthought completely so no way she takes a valuable spot in this game.
    Although Maryse returned recently she is not going to be a in ring competitor this time around and is only there as the valet of The Miz so it may be possible that she is added as a manager but I don’t expect to see her as playable.
    When it comes to NXT I am just being realistic, no way will WWE fill a game with just 120 playable characters with the full NXT roster, they are likely to put in the top names from NXT only so when it comes to the NXT women I expect Bayley to make it into the game as she has been a top NXT star over the past year and most likely Asuka as the present NXT Womens champion and second only in popularity to Bayley in the NXT women.
    Gamers will want to play as those so expect Asuka to be a in a DLC NXT pack.

    So in total this roster would round the female roster to 20 which is the most to date and gives gamers 6 new playable women that will debut in Charlotte, Bayley, Asuka, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and a playable Lana.

    • nicki sucks

      trish stratus not even wrestling anymore and retired also she’s too busy making movies and lita isnt all that good she killed more careers including her own so no thx .

      • TheNameisAndres

        Who’s career has Lita killed?

  • Christopher Lee Johnson

    This is the default divas roster to WWE 2K17

    Alicia Fox
    Alundra Blayze
    Asuka (NXT Women’s Champion)
    Becky Lynch
    Brie Bella
    Eva Marie
    Sasha Banks
    Stephanie McMahon
    Summer Rae
    Trish Stratus

    The DLC Divas Roster which is comes out March 10th 2017 goes by the following…

    Dana Brooke
    Mildred Burke (via Legacy Hall of Fame)
    Stephanie McMahon ’98

  • Robert Lenz

    lita chyna mickie james melina Victoria aj lee rosa mendes asuka nia jax Carmella trish stratus dana brooke becky lynch bella twins sasha banks tamina lana paige Naomi eva marie Cameron emma charlotte summer rae Natalya Alicia fox blayze ariel aksana sable ivory jaquline eve torres michelle McCool Aliyah alexa bliss

  • Anthony Rick

    The whole wwe diva and nxt roster road to wrestle mania and walking back stage rope chokes in crowd fighting more options in create a superstar and diva create a comeback and finisher mixed tag team matches etc…

  • Anthony Rick

    Diva career mode

    • What?

      I dont think blowing John Cena would be a very fun video game.

      • nicki sucks

        yeah since u already sucking ppl off

    • Brandon Roberts

      now with 100% accuracy choose from background of legitimate wrestler with you know talent and be ignored by wwe for a long time or be a hot model and suck vince mcmahon and john cena’s cock for a contract immediately than suck for 5 years before being released and forgotten

  • Cameron Britt

    I want melina to be in the game.

    • nicki sucks

      she was fired back in 2011 and no thanks

      • Cameron Britt



    I want them to have an Alumni roster for divas and superstars so theses are the divas I want to see: Melina, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and Layla.

    • What?

      Uh. Just play SvR 2011

      • nicki sucks

        who gives a fuck

  • Ziyad


  • Brandon Roberts

    i hope we can make our own

  • anisa kurniata

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