WWE 2k17 Cover: Fans want to see The Undertaker as next cover star

Before the end of this year, all the WWE fans will be expecting to get their hands on WWE 2k17 game but do you know who they expect to see in the covers of the game?

There are certainly tons of candidates to choose from and some really deserve a place in the stands. Many fans claim that no one deserves the place more than The Undertaker does.

WWE 2K17 Undertaker Fan Image

WWE 2K17 Undertaker Fan Image

The Undertaker is one of WWE’s greatest. He has been in the entertainment business for a long time, has won number of titles and also has had a ton of long winning streaks. His most impressive streak was of the WrestleMania.

Rumors suggest that the Undertaker is near to the end of his career. This might be his last WrestleMania and what better way to end the legendary wrestler’s career than placing him in the covers of the biggest wrestling game.

Another way to honor his career would be to make a showcase mode in his name like they did for Steve Austin in the 2k17 version of the WWE game.

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If not the Undertaker, 2k Sports should find someone legendary to put in the covers rather than some newbie who just rose to fame.

Who do you think should be in the covers of WWE 2k17? WWE 2k17 Cover Prediction



  • charles

    i think after the ppv that just past the 3 people that should be on the cover of this years game should be roman reigns on the right shane omac on the left and then the last one in the center of them both should be the undertaker

  • charles

    i think undertaker should be on the cover of the game and beside him on both sids should be the wwe worldhavey waight champion roman and on the other side the face of the wwe john cena

  • Kevin Daivon Horn

    I would like for them to have more women in the game. I’ve always felt that the women’s section was always shallow and never really had anything special. WWE13 was ok with their women section but they still have us a duplicate Lita. But that was with THQ and not 2k. Every WWE2k game had a bad diva roster. Ha! WWE2k15 didn’t even have a create your own diva mode! All I’m asking is for more female wrestlers. It would be nice for Melina to be there just saying…lol

    • Jarele

      Who wouldn’t want to see Melina back in the game? Lol. But unless the game’s theme is centered on the Ruthless Aggression Era, then she won’t make it.

    • ILuvTheDivas

      I Agree I luv Melina, Candice, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Stacy Keebler, Mickey James et. The Real Divas

  • 0484

    Chyna or Undertaker.

    • Dean AmbrosePL

      Chyna? Really man??? Diva in cover?!

      it will be Roman, Dean, Triple H, Brock Lesnar or The Rock

  • ILuvTheDivas

    I think they should make a divas or woman’s tag-team championship. so we get to see more divas. there are a lot of divas that work great together besides the bella’s.



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