Why did Brie Bella scan for WWE 2k17 despite retiring?

2k Sports have failed to recognize that Brie Bella has retired from the WWE Entertainment in WrestleMania 32. She is supposed to be quitting from the video game series too but according to her twitter she was scanned by 2k developers.

Why did Brie Bella scan for WWE 2k17 despite retiring

Why did Brie Bella scan for WWE 2k17 despite retiring

According to WWE 2k developer Sandeep Giri, WWE did not change the season of Total Divas in WWE 2k17 game. That means she will be included in the roster.

Despite the retirement, it has been suggested by Mr. Giri that she will still continue to appear in the show despite her professional career is officially over. This is the explanation that the developers as well the client company have given for not updating the roster.

Divas will organize an event that will feature the retiring diva for the last time officially. She will be doing final photo ops and Q&A panel.

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  • Kayla Thorne

    First off, Brie is not retiring. She is only taking an extended leave for an undetermined length of time. Second, the rosters are ALWAYS a year behind in the games…2k16 was based on the 2015 roster, and so on all the way back to the first RAW vs. Smackdown. To paraphrase Bret Hart, it’s the way it is, the way it was, and the way it will always be. So chillax people. If Brie is not active in 2017, I’m sure she’ll be eliminated from the 2k18 roster. But till then, Leave well enough alone.

    • Guilherme Soares

      or not, Total Bellas is coming she has contract with WWE yet, Nikki is still in WWE so of course they’ll have Brie, cause Bella brand is a huge brand, she can be like Daniel, not wrestling anymore but still in the game.

      • Brian Chang

        She is actually retired i heard they are saving it for total bellas and total divas for it to play out thats why she hasnt officially retired

        • Guilherme Soares

          just like Edge.

    • Brian Chang

      i heard she is really retired and they are saving the retirement stuff for total Bellas and total divas for ratings so she just made it sound like she wasnt retired to save it for the show kind of like how sting said he wasnt retired so he could save it for the hall of fame

  • Danielle Rennifer

    If Brie is offically retired from WWE, then she can be continued in the game w/ the Legend “W” logo similar to what Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lita, Trish Stratus, Mick Foley, Edge, etc. have for the past couple years. She & Nikki can both continually be tag partners vs Auska & Charlotte as a non feud in WWE 2K17 game. Same goes for Daniel Bryan as Legend “W” logo vs Baron Corbin also in non feud match.

  • Nicole Jenner

    No. AJ Lee retired the same time Brie did last year and she wasn’t in the game. That’s not fair. She is not a legend. The only reason her and NIkki are popular at all is because the younger generations don’t know what real Women’s wrestlers are.

    • Brian Chang

      Brie also remained as a wwe ambassador

      • Nicole Jenner

        AJ was still technically under contract when she quit. They chose not to use her.

        • #thankyoubrieandbryan

          its because Brie is a ambassador also she is on total divas AJ did none of the 2

    • Nidalee

      but brie is better than aj 😀

      • Nicole Jenner

        Lmao, let me guess what are you 13,14?

  • Cyrus Khan

    She is a legend, an ambassador, videogamers don’t include ambassadors but Brie Bella is famous along with her sister Nikki Bella. She took semi-retirement from in ring competition but not from Company. Look out Dwayne Johnson, He made Many Videogaming Inclusion but not in Smackdown vs RAW 2009. but in WWE ’12 he included as DLC People’s edition because he made his return after 7 years hiatus in 2011(Talking about the Rock). Undertaker is also a Semi-Retired Star but made appearances in Pay-Per-Views including Wrestlemania(31 vs Bray Wyatt and 32 vs Shane McMahon). Paige and Eva Marie currently on hiatus due to their suspensions of 30 days, Paige is the first Diva who took 60 days suspensions but both are included in this game as main Playable Rosters.

    I don’t understand why Natalya appointed as DLC in WWE ’13. I’ve skipped to 2K14 because in ’12 Dwayne Johnson was in DLC and ’13 Natalya was in DLC, so I’ve directly skipped to 2K14 and continued 15 16 onwards.

    Wade Barrett Appointed many characters in Real as Wade(Previous till 14), Bad News(15,16) and King(Not starred in VG due to release from contract).
    (VG stands for Videogame).

    WWE Stars Royal Rumble, Fastlane or 2nd PPV, Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules from Current Year and rest 8 or 9 from previous year in VG, So this depends the inclusion of rosters in VG.

    The Great Khali not Include in WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011 because this was made in 2010 and Khali was in Bigg Boss Season 4(or known as Big Brother India Season 4). He Didn’t included as DLC too. He made his final appearances as Playable Character in 2K14 and DLC in 2K15 as legend.

  • Cyrus Khan

    However she could be further included in 2K18 and soon…….

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