Top 10 WWE 2k17 Modes Wishlist: What do we want to see?

WWE 2k17 mode; Stone Cold Steve Austin mode and 2k have announced that they are going to add new modes in WWE 2k17. There are tons of speculations what new showcases will be added to the game this year…? The old game has simple rivalries and video packages were added to make the game more realistic but a lot has changed in the World Wide Entertainment in just one year.

WWE 2k17 Modes

WWE 2k17 Modes ? What do you want to see?

It is only eight months (decreases as we come close to release date) left for the game to be launched. The speculations are higher than ever. What do you want to see in the game? Comment Below

Here are ten WWE 2k17 Modes for you to vote.

  1. Invasion Mode

This is the biggest part of WWE wrestling. This angle is the biggest fear of pay per view in sales. WWE and the Alliance produces moments to create a showcase mode to create best modes already.

  1. Sting Mode

Sting is a WWE Hall of Fame. It is the greatest way to pay respect for the legend. 2K sports already has models of blonde and crow Stings made which is why WWE 2k17 could have this mode easily. It would be awesome if this could be splited into three parts; first against Ric Flair/Dangerous Alliance and then best moments of Crow and the third with Triple H.

  1. Ric Flair Mode

This would be a perfect way for WWE pay respect to Ric Flair. He has won 16 world titles; this could become very popular. There would be very marvelous video DLC added for the game.

  1. Divas Mode

Divas mode is already there but adding more lineage and historical information to this mode would be amazing add to the game. DLC modes could be given to make the game awesome since there are tons of rivalries and controversies for Divas.

  1. ECW Mode

It has been asked for tons of time. Why haven’t 2k added this? WWE has all rights to ECW so there is no problem for 2k to add this mode. There are tons of rivalries between 94 to 2001 which would reboot the whole game and the fans would get serious video pakages.

  1. WWE Network Mode

It would be the most difficult addition for the developers to add in WWE 2k17. However, we want it. There are roughly 125000000 matches in WWE Network and it has been most popular mode ever. Has this been more repetitive lately? Live games on live servers would be pretty awesome.

  1. Monday Night Wars Mode

We are a little shocked that 2k haven’t added this mode yet. There is a biggest controversy between Nitro and Monday Night RAW. WWE already has the rights to both of them but they are not included in the game so far. This mode would be immense and would last entire year to get though.

  1. Shield

After Shield split in 2014, they have become even more popular. It is most awaited mode of the WWE game because of their domination. Seth Rolling, Dean Ambrose, The Architect and Roman Reigns are the popular wrestlers of 2015 and coming to 2016, they will be even more.

  1. History of the NXT Championship

It has only been two years since NXT was included but they have made tons of fans over this short period of time. There are options for this; one will be to add a mode with NXT history and high spots and the second would be to take a greater look at every champions in the history books. It would be a learning material for the WWE game and it’s industry.

  1. WWE x UFC Mode

It has been anticipated by many but there is still no sign of these two industries coming together. 2k sports would have to convince WWE and UFC and all of their wrestlers to sign a contract. This is a mere dream of all wresting fans. However, these combat sport coming together would bring controversies as some claim that one is real wresting and the other is not.

Which mode do you want in WWE 2k17? What’s on your WWE 2k17 wishlist?

  • Bailey Walker

    Eliminate the Diva restrictions.

  • Jeremy Hilliker

    love to see a wcw wwf mondy night wars mode would be awsome how about an all legends mode like tatanka vs hbk for the i.c title. or demolition vs the lod. honky tonk man ultimate wariorr, king kong bundy vs hogan, hacksaw jim duggan vs yokozuna . the rockers vs the hart foundation, ricky steamboat vs machoman randy savage, british bulldog vs the warlord, the model rick martel vs razor ramone, disel vs sid, undertaker vs undertaker, money inc vs the nasty boys, bam bam bigelow vs doink the clown, jerry lawler vs bret hart kiss my foot match owen hart vs bret hart in the cage its endless what they could do

    • Tom

      you have to ask Martha Hart first before you put Owen Hart in the game.

  • Danielle Rennifer

    Please add Career Mode for XBOX 360 and PS 3 similar to the mobile version & NXT mode combined back in 2K15. People like myself was looking forward to Career Mode before 2K16 came out on those last gen consoles but same as previous game other than roster updates.

  • Erick

    make WWE 2k17 for Xbox 360 please. so I can play this great made game.

  • Erick

    make a big roster with great wrestlers. I’m a big wrestling fan of WWE 2k games.

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  • Devin

    I think you should be able to create your own fisher and when you create a custom person you can be able to copy off the other super stars

  • Devin

    I think roman should be on the cover

  • Devin

    There should be buried alive matches casket matches 3 stages of hell matches chair matches and kiss my ass matches

  • Tom

    Add more people in the ring I want to do a survivor series match.

  • Brian Shockley

    Plzzzzzzzz. Bring back cof create a finisher mode do to that is what really made it hire enjoyable to allow the gamer become what they want to b with there own idea of themselves

  • Cody Collier

    Bring back mixed tag and entrances with superstar and divas

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