Shocking 2k collaboration: WWE 2k17 might include NBA 2k17 Star?

Those of you who watched the WrestleMania 32 must have seen the NBA giant Shaquille O’Neal. He appeared in the ring with to surprise everyone in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. This has resulted in some interesting rumors that 2k might add in the WWE2k17 Game.

WWE 2k17 might include NBA 2k17 Star

WWE 2k17 might include NBA 2k17 Star

NBA 2k17 game developing manager, Chris Manning tweeted this, hypothetically, after #WrestleMania what rating would @SHAQ have in @WWEgames? He showed up tonight and it was awesome!

Some might find this idea absurd but it is rather probable and very simple. 2k share the same resources to make the game. They use almost the same technology for body image and traits. The NBA 2k17 Development team could share the game data used to WWE 2k17 Developers.

Something like this has been done before. WWE 2k16 included Arnold Schwarzenegger and THQ had Shaquille O’Neal as a playable character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger WWE 2k17

Arnold Schwarzenegger WWE 2k17

Considering Shaq is a huge WWE fan, he will not hesitate to be a part of WWE game.

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  • charles

    if anyone should be in the game you guys should put Stephen Amell in it as the green arrow because i think he diserves the chace to be in it and what he went throw with star dust i think the fans and him self and his family would love that so maybe u guys should put him in there not saying shaq should not but if u want to put him in it then Stephen Amell should have the right to be in the game if anything i would play more as Stephen Amell then i would shaq

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