How will WWE 2k17 manage RAW and SmackDown brand split?

WWE Universe will not be the same as RAW and SmackDown will be separate entities after a recent brand split.  They have run side by side since 2011 and are WWE Universe’s two of best brands. The idea that they will have different sets of wrestlers and different world titles makes thing interesting for the fans.

Everything we know about WWE brand split so far…

Let’s talk about Smackdown first. For the first time in the shows history, the show will air live. The first live air will begin from 19th of July and continue every Tuesday in the United States. This has been rumored for a long time but since RAW is popular in the States, it was delayed.

The news of SmackDown going live also brought the major news of the brands splitting. They are together since 2011 but now the shows will have different storylines, different roster and separate writing teams.

This idea was pitched in 2002 when the WWE was overloaded with incoming wrestlers and the then WCW made the thing work. But, in 2011, the idea was abandon as the wrestlers from different brands started to appear in other brand for no apparent reason.

WWE Brand Split

WWE Brand Split

One of the most interesting part of the brand split is the talent draft. The talent draft will split the major roster into RAW or SmackDown Show which is due to be done in 11th of July RAW. It has been told that the wrestler themselves do not know where they will end up in.

The CEO of WWE, Vincent McMahon, released many midlevel wrestlers in the past month and is seeking other wresting industry to fill the void.

The question still remains, how will this affect WWE 2k17?

We do not think that this will affect the WWE 2k game so much. The game already has two brands linked with players and this concept has been there for quite a time now. In the My WWE Page, we can see individual wrestler with indivudial shows. Ex. BigShow and SmackDown Fandango and Raw.

However, the storyline of the game could change. It has been mentioned that the storyline between Raw and Smackdown will not cross each other. So, there could be a different story line about picking a draft and playing for one industry only.

WWE 2k17 RAW vs SmackdownWWE 2k17 RAW vs Smackdown

A new showcase mode could be introduced that allows RAW x SmackDown matches and main event Bragging Rights, a pay-per view on the concept could be improvised.

There’s only hope that this brand splitting thing goes well. It will give the superstars precise things to focus on and it might lead to a massive WWE 2k18 Roster.

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  • Tonic Blue

    Its about time that they brought it back. It only makes sense to do this, a lot of wrestlers are not being used and it gets me pissed off.

  • Ziyad

    Please Add A Feature That Is Called WWE DRAFT 2016 Like Fut Draft But WWE Version Only Raw And Smackdown And The Brand Will Be The CPU Not Online And The CPU’S Brand Will Have Different Superstars And Divas From Your Brand And The Kind Of Cards Will Be Like WWE SUPERCARD Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic, Legendary, Survivor, Wrestlemania And New Cards Mega Rare Will Be Like IMOTM At Fifa And Extra Rare Will Be Like TOTs At Fifa And Star Of The Week A New Its Color Is Green And Yellow
    This Is The Order The Cards Starting By The Worst To The Best Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Extra Rare, Mega Rare,Star Of The Week,Epic Legendary,Survivor,And
    Wrestlemania And You Choose Raw Or Smackdown Before Everything Your Brand Will Face The CPU’S Brand At Bragging Rights And If You Won You Will Unlock Bragging Rights Arena And Also Add GM Mode Like From WWE SVR 2008
    But Add The Divas Title To Smackdown ,The ECW Women’s Title, The ECW Tag Team Title, And The ECW Hardcore Title To ECW ,We Will Choose Raw Or Smackdown Or ECW And Add Create a Finisher And Create A Comeback And Add Tugboat Showcase

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