Departed Chyna to be honored in WWE 2k17 Roster?

The ‘Ninth Wonder of the World’ for the 1990’s WWE Universe, Chyna recently passed away in April 20 this year at the age of 46. It has been reported that the retired wrestler will be honored by upcoming WWE 2k17 game by adding her in the roster.

Chnya WWE 2k17 Roster

Chnya in WWE 2k17 Roster

She has been described as the diva of the Attitude Era as many fans as well as professional wrestlers mourned her death. This news has also brought a lot of achievements that she made during her career. One that stood out was beating a male; Jeff Jarret to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

The fans mourned the death as they suggested that she should be included in the WWE Hall of Fame and should be included in the WWE 2k17 roster as a honor. It is not official that the World Wrestling Entertainment and 2k Games have agreed to add her but the world sure hopes to see her in the game.

It has been brought to our attention that WWE Legends/Hall of Fame should be a regular showcase in WWE 2k games like FIFA and NBA games. If it were Chyna would be certainly included in the upcoming version of the WWE game. 

Departed Chyna to be honored in WWE 2k17 Roster

Departed Chyna to be honored in WWE 2k17 Roster

Which other WWE Hall of Fame should be included in WWE 2k17 Roster? Comment

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  • daniel gaytan

    sable victoria mickie jaqueline torrie ivori moli holli

    • nicki sucks

      i rather see tori thats from dx not hoe ass torri from wcw

  • Robert Lenz

    trish stratus lita mickie melina michelle mcool Victoria ariel

    • nicki sucks

      chyna is better than all of them that u just named

  • Snehil Sharma

    Chyna should be fighting men and her overall should be more than 80

  • Guy’s Voice

    I wish they would stop putting dead fucking wrestlers in the game. Its stupid.

    • nicki sucks

      well when she was alive ignorant ppl like u talk shit about her so this is wwe way to honor her and other stars that died while they was in bad terms

      • Quin Ja

        Fuck u bitch, dead people don’t need to be on the game. It’s already hard to do shit with Bret Hart and all these other guys. Like they’ve been reincarnated to come back and fight active wrestlers. U dumb hoe

        • IrnBruGuru

          Who chucked you a nut? You creepy little bastard… Dead wrestlers on a game doesn’t hurt anyone and its not a bad thing, you having breath in your lungs is a bad thing, so go fill them with water.

    • IrnBruGuru

      That comment was stupid… It’s not like having dead wrestlers in the game affects you in any way or the finished product of the games roster, the more the merrier.

      • Quin Ja

        Shut up pussyboy id kick your fucking ass. When you add all the legends it doesn’t leave room for the alive talent that’s why I have a problem.

        • IrnBruGuru

          Lol you couldn’t kick your way out of a paper bag mush, only new talent misses the cut its not like they lose the spot because of legends, this year they’ve already said they’re topping last year’s and have hinted at a lot of nxt stars been on the game, not to mention dlc, you’re a moron, probably an inbred one at that so you wouldn’t understand anyway… I’d punch you senseless but someone’s beat me to it… Biatch!

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