Amazon offer 20% discount plus bonus on WWE 2k17 Pre-Order

The pre-order of WWE 2k17 has officially begun as the game developers announced former World Champions Goldberg as the pre-order star. The game will be globally distributed by Amazon and they have decided to offer a 20% discount plus many more bonuses on each pre-order of WWE 2k17.

WWE 2k17 Pre-Order Amazon

We will discuss each aspect of the game before convincing you to pre-order WWE 2k17.


Amazon offers a 20% discount on all Prime Members.

The price on Amazon is the cheapest of all other retailers, even 2k and WWE Stores have higher rate as their shipping charge brutal.

You can buy the game with Amazon Credits, Gift Card or Buy Now Pay Later scheme. (Your Credit card will charged only after the item is shipped)

Main Bonus only for Pre-Order

  1. Limited Edition WWE Goldberg Persona
  2. Limited Edition WCW Goldberg Persona
  3. Rare WCW Monday Nitro match arena
  4. Rare WCW Halloween Havoc match arena

And there’s more

Extra Bonuses (only for Amazon)

Get 50$ cash back (50$ Amazon Credit given for free) if you pay with Discover It Card

Should the price of the game decrease before the release, Amazon will compensate with game credits.

Why should you pre-order WWE 2k17?

WWE 2k17 Pre-Order

WWE 2k17 Pre-Order

WWE 2k is the bestselling game franchise in the video game industry. Pre-order makes sure that you get the game before anyone else.

WWE 2k17 has a massive roster of WWE and NXT’s popular Superstars and Legends. Not to mention, you get the limited edition Goldberg if you pre-order.

2k Sports have claimed that WWE 2k17 returns as the defending champion of fighting video game.

Shipping Info on WWE 2k17

WWE 2k17 can be only shipped to addresses with APO/FRO. Amazon ships this product worldwide but free shipping is only available to US. International shipping may charge a little according to the destination but it is way cheaper than 2k Store or WWE Shop.

Purchase Options

WWE 2k17 PS3

WWE 2k17 PS4

WWE 2k17 Xbox 360

WWE 2k17 Xbox One


Did you pre-order WWE 2k17? How excited are you about the game?




  • pucek615

    i will be excited when it comes on PC 😛 i don’t have console so i need to wait 😛

  • TheUpliftingGuy

    We’ll wait till it gets released on PC (STEAM)

  • Sarah Feiock White

    THANK YOU just saved $12 for something i would have bought for our son on 10/11 anyway at full price, and for $3.99 you can have it delievered on Tuedsday as well. WIN WIN

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